Ultrafast Dynamics in Solids Under High
Pressures Using Coherent Nonlinear
Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy 

The Chronister Group 

The ChronisterGroup 

Prof. Eric L. Chronister 
Department of Chemistry 
University of California, Riverside 
Riverside, CA 92521-0403
email: eric.chronister@ucr.edu 
(951) 827-3288 (office) 
(951) 827-3297 (lab) 
(951) 827-3420 (fax)  

Thank you for visiting our home page. If you want to meet us on-line and learn more about the exciting research that is conducted in our laboratory, please feel free to wander through our web pages.

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Soon, we will also have a special treat: interactive steering of a 10 Watt Ti:Sapphire Laser through our laboratory! But this still needs the blessing of our boss...

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The Chronister Group
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